1987 NFTs living on the Cardano blockchain

The collection that will keep your wallet fuzzy and warm at all times. 100% digital organic and non-fungible


The collection includes 1987 unique pieces, each bearing the mark of the Weaver - the entity responsible for designing and weaving the ponchos.

Shapes, colors and bits woven together into unique collectors items.

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The Weaver has stolen 5449 ₳ from one of our personal wallets. All he left was 13 lovelaces and this note :
Everything you need lies within the ponchos. Look close. Google it. Look some more.
Weird. We gave up on getting it back, but maybe you will be able to claim the bounty.

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The sale and distribution are fully automated. You will get your asset(s) in minutes !
1815 ponchos out of 1987 are available for purchase with ADA.

1 full-set Poncho (1/20) has been minted and sent to the Giveaway puzzle wallet.

Redeemable tokens

The remaining 171 are redeemable with one of the special tokens the Weaver has minted on a separate policy .

74 tokens (37 GF1 + 37 GF3) will be dropped randomly to anyone making a full price purchase - Weaver's treat. The rest are reserved for giveaways / colabs / more puzzles.

Bulk purchase / Discounts

You can get packs of 3 Ponchos at a small discount. The Weaver has also deemed fit to reward those willing to go the extra mile. Transactions containing metadata get a special price, for single and pack purchases alike.

Sale funds distribution